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Introducing The Marigold Mission

Introducing The Marigold Mission
When I started JNRG Healing Co, the idea was to bring holistic healing and intentional energy through the use of candles. Using a common object, like a candle, allows a safe entry point for people who may not ever have considered Reiki healing, crystal therapy or honestly even aromatherapy. In full transparency, candle making is extremely therapeutic to me and was a part of my personal healing journey long before JNRG candles made it onto any shelves. As the vision of healing candles took life, the reception has been so positive from both those familiar with holistic health and those who have never experienced alternative health or intention setting. This was the affirmation needed to continue to grow and evolve both in our candles and new avenues. 
When you experience holistic healing, specifically energetic healing you want to scream it from the rooftops. The high you get makes you want this positive feeling to be shared with the collective. Then two questions arise in your head - why isn’t everyone doing this? And why didn’t I know about this? The truth is there is a lack of accessibility and education when it comes to healing. I’ve always been of the mindset: you can either talk about the problem, or you can create a solution. 
And Marigold Mission was born. 

The Marigold Mission is a new division of JNRG Healing Co! To start, 25% of our proceeds will continue to fund the mission. 
What will this new division do? The Marigold Mission is 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization offering affordable, inclusive holistic health services and events for individuals and communities in need. We will begin with Reiki Session, Crystal Healing Sessions, Meditation, Aromatherapy and Therapeutic Candle making both 1:1 and with quarterly free events for the community. Because treatments like Reiki, and many other holistic health options are at a higher price point, Marigold Mission will use our funds to create a space that accessible to all incomes, backgrounds and communities. 
Why Marigolds? 
Marigolds symbolize positive emotions and energy; they were often linked to the powerful strength of the sun and represent power and light that lives inside of a person. Eastern Medicine has referred to Marigolds as the “Herb of the Sun” for centuries. When I began my holistic health studies, I became fascinated by the healing power and versatility of marigolds. Marry that with its aromatherapy properties 
Now marigolds may appear to be a common flower, but they possess beneficial healing and energetic properties. Much like the self healing abilities we aren’t typically taught to access, Marigolds represent the idea that there is more than meets the eye. In addition, Marigolds provide a protected environment for other plants to foster, similarly protecting our bodies and nurturing them.
The Marigold Mission aims to do just that - foster an environment of healing, protective energy and peace through affordable holistic health services and events for those in need. When we think about creating space with Marigolds, figuratively at the center, it’s to create a place when we can all step into our own light and make the world a more positive and peaceful place by healing from within.
We are currently in the process of teaming up with other holistic health and energy practitioners to grow our volunteer squad, as well as working through a list of individuals who have been nominated or requested services. You can now request services directly through our new website and receive information on our quarterly events. This is the start of something I truly believe can be impactful and I cannot wait to see how the universe and we as a collective deliver on these intentions of healing! 
If you'd like to donate, sponsor or learn more about Marigold Mission please feel free to browse our website! marigoldmission.org

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