How To Start Intention Setting

How To Start Intention Setting

Setting intentions is a powerful practice that allows you to create focus and alignment in your life. Intentions serve as a purposeful guide for both our thoughts and actions, thus creating our reality. The beauty of intentions is the connection of our current self and our vision of our highest self. Instead of setting goals for “one day I can” we set intentions of “today I will be.” While goal setting is a plan to achieve something tangible, our intentions serve as a guide to our purpose. This shift in mindset is simple but impactful in the way we can live our lives in a more meaningful way and manifest our intentions in tangible ways.

Quick steps to start intention setting:

  • Reflect on what you value in a macro sense. Start broad and narrow down a list of a few intentions that allow you to connect with those values. For example, I value connection and respect; therefore, my intention for the year is to be more present. Daily, weekly and monthly are common intention setting timelines, but do whatever you are called to do and what feels most comfortable for you.
  • Align those values with a why. Understanding your why is so critical in connecting with your intention. This is where we remove the ego and focus on the why for our highest good; making the intangible tangible in our lives. Why do I want to be more present? To deepen my connections with myself and those around me. In doing so I can be more aware, more grounded and focused.
  • Write an affirmation that states your intention, your why and add your how. Continue to write and rewrite that affirmation (and/or speak them into existence) as frequently as possible. (All JNRG Intention candles have an affirmation that aligns with the Intention included!) I am now in the habit of journaling each morning, but I started by writing my intentions and affirmations at the start of the week and reviewing at the end of the week. This practice helped me create a positive habit of repetition. I also repeat my affirmations during my morning and evening meditations. There’s no exact science to this, so repeat, write and speak your affirmations at a pace and frequency that works for you.
  • Create a ritual to honor them. This is where your intention candles can come into play. Make time each day, even if it’s just a moment to create space to focus on your intention. If you’re using a JNRG intention candle, here is a quick reference on how you can align your intention as you light your candle.

JNRG Candle Instructions: Create a sacred space with an open mind and heart to embody this intention. This usually means a clear, quiet and decluttered space. Light your candle and take a few deep breaths with vocal exhales. Visualize the flame as a symbol of your commitment to the intention for you and the collective. Inhale and repeat your intention, exhale and release all blockages. As you repeat this a few times, allow the fragrance to lift your spirit and enhance your consciousness on how to manifest it in the physical world. Just a few moments a day with your candle and intention can go a long way!

  • Reflect regularly on how your thoughts and actions align with your intention. You can journal or just take a quiet moment of reflection. Intention setting is a lifestyle and an ongoing journey. You won’t be checking a box, but you will begin to see positive patterns of how you are living out your intentions.


Just a few moments out of your day can create a powerful shift in your mindset to begin living with intention. I can attest that this positive practice is both empowering and enlightening. As always, take these suggestions as a guide; follow your intuition on how to best create your intention setting practice and share with the JNRG community what works best for you! We are always learning and evolving!

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