Lead With Compassion

Lead With Compassion

Last week, JNRG's newest candle was released: Compassion. This candle, like all of our intention candles, was created with an immense amount of thought and care. Typically a collection is born from a specific candle. You read that correctly, the candle comes before the collection. It may seem like a backwards approach, but since I look at life in a cyclical fashion instead of a straight line: it makes perfect sense to me. You’ll never have to worry what came first, the candle or the collection: the candle comes first - always.

When the "Classic Collection" was created it started with Harmony. I was intentionally seeking Harmony in my life and through the creation of that first candle, I created a collection of intentions that I encompassed on my fool's journey in order to maintain and receive Harmony in my life. I learned that Harmony was an intentional choice and something I could manifest in each phase of that cycle. When we intentionally seek Harmony, we allow ourselves the ability to achieve forward motion and Progress. When we take the step forward, we Liberate ourselves from the elements that are no longer serving us. During a Liberation, we must accept the Reveal and the truth to be seen. The entire process leads us to a Rebirth, the manifestation of a new version of myself. Long story short, one candle (Harmony) created the entire Classic Collection. Now this is not to say you can't enjoy them in a different order, or no order at all - but it's how they were created with love. It’s typically why when people ask me are their any good candles to pair together, Harmony is usually my go-to pair with everything from the classic collection.

The same is true for Compassion. The candle was the foundation to manifest a new collection. This intention was created with a dual intention approach. Each burn is intended to invoke Compassion for the individual being and for the collective. Specifically, the user shares in the intention to be more compassionate for themselves and others. No conditions, no strings, no excuses. Compassion for all, even more so for those in which we may not have been compassionate to before. I began to think about the duality. Many of the intentional candles I’ve created before can serve in a multi-faceted approach. Of course when I seek Harmony in my own life, I am creating a more Harmonious environment as a ripple effect. But with the Compassion candle, I was very clear in my journaling - it must be both. The intention will always be for the individual and the collective. So much so that when the candle was sealed with Reiki energy at the end, it was created with that in mind. That’s right, once the candles have molded in their jars, I “give Reiki” to the candles just like I would a person. It was this intentional ripple effect inspiration of Compassion that has created the “Duality Collection.”

The candles in the next collection will all have a consistent dual energy to generate a high vibrational experience for the greater good. Compassion, being the foundation of the collection, has set the tone for what is to come. This collection will consist of three candles, two in addition to Compassion which will be released on Monday, May 16th.

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