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Intentionally Spiritual

Intentionally Spiritual

From the outside looking in: a candle is a candle. An innate object, or some decoration. So an intention candle should be the same right? Negative. That is simply a one dimensional approach. Intention candles are a spiritual experience. There, I’ve said it. Now before you snap back at me that you aren’t a spiritual person - hear me out. “Spiritus” in Latin, where the term spirit and spiritual derives from, means breath. When we discuss our intentions, we are breathing life into a concept in order for it to manifest, grow and take shape in our lives. Ever heard the phrase “Give life to a situation” - this is exactly that. We are giving life to a positive concept. We are speaking it into existence! We are adding fire to the spirit of the matter with our candles. But without sufficient oxygen (breath), a fire cannot begin, and it cannot continue. Without our breath - without our spirit, the intentions cannot ignite. Now with that being said, how could intention candles be any other than a spiritual experience if we are defining spirit as breath?

I personally believe and honor the fact that we can reach a level of power by tapping into our senses to ignite our soul on an individual level. We hold the power and the candle is the conduit to grow our power through energy. There is a reason we connect with different scents more than others, there is a reason we connect with different crystals more than others, it’s all about the energy we need and need to receive in our lives. It's the effects and properties that connect with our soul and allow us to give life, or breath to. It’s a spiritual experience! Metaphysically, spirit is an incorporeal energy force that is present in all living things but distinct from the soul.

Yes, a candle can simply be a candle if you choose to see it that way, but I challenge you to receive it as a spiritual experience. Start with your intention, light your candle, then connect with the aroma most present to you and allow yourself to connect with the experience. Your physical self and your soul with remember the reaction to the scent, to your thoughts and your intention and create a process similar to muscle memory. It is truly a spiritual experience! We are all spiritual beings, whether we choose to accept and tap into that fact is totally up to you!

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