Where Is My Crystal?

Where Is My Crystal?

Every part of the design process is intentional. The candles are extra large, purposely to create a ritual and commitment to the intention that takes time. They are sealed with Reiki energy through a proxy style process to facilitate energy flow. The oils are selected with aromatherapy methods to connect your sense of smell with your mind for intention setting. And finally, the crystals are chosen specifically for their healing process and placed at the base of every candle. Yes, the base.

To the naked eye, you won’t be able to see the crystals inside the JNRG Healing candles even though they typically around 2 inches in size. Having our (raw) crystals placed at the base is intentional act in the JNRG Healing process. Unlike other crystal candle companies, we do not place them at the top of the wax. You will not visually see your crystal until you have burned through about 75-80% of the candle. While the experience ties into our mission of patience and commitment to the intention, it also supports the healing aspect as well.

During the pour process, the crystal is purposely placed in between the two wicks at the base of the jar. The hot wax is the poured over the crystal and the fills the jar. The heat from the liquid wax begins an activation process in the crystal and the healing properties solidify alongside the candle. This is why we call the process an infusion. 

Heat within crystals is often a sign that the crystal amplifies your energy, which can be beneficial if you seek clarity or emotional balance; both of which are critical for intention setting and healing. Not only are the crystals activated during the pour, but it is then ignited with each burn due to ongoing exposure to heat.

Think about it this way, when you hold a crystal, you are opening yourself up to its vibrations, which can sometimes cause a physical reaction, such as heat. Some research shows that the heat is a sign that the crystal is working to remove blockages and negative energy from your body. If your crystal starts to feel warm, it is generally a sign that it is doing its job! When thinking through the design of crystal activation this was a critical component in the process. With the crystal being in the base, its healing properties can ultimately work with the heat in a circular motion release with each burn. With the JNRG design, you are getting the most of your crystal, intention alignment and of course the corresponding aromatherapy to support your mind.

The commitment to your intention and time you put in with your healing candle impacts the crystal infusion process. While JNRG candles my make you wait longer to see the visual beauty of your crystal, the intention and end result will always be worth it.

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