Set Your Intentions On Fire

Set Your Intentions On Fire

There's something magical about candles; truth be told, I find the burning of candles to be a spiritual experience. In the most basic sense, a candle is created to provide light, to allow us better vision. But, without fire, a candle is simply an innate object. The concept that setting fire to something in order for it to serve its purpose is such a compelling idea. The fire, the burn is what provides us this light, the ability to see brighter; it ignites the smooth aroma that we seek when lighting a fragranced candle. The fire allows the traditional experience of a candle to be all consuming. The fire is what allows the candle (in the most basic sense) to serve its purpose and in doing so, candle creates a ripple effect of positive emotions triggered by all senses. So how can lighting a candle, even in the most traditional sense not be a spiritual experience? What if we as a collective strived to be more like a candle: allow ourselves to experience the fire in order to spread light and in return enlighten and uplift through clear vision?

As I began my journey in holistic wellness - mind, body, spirit, I noticed that all of my rituals were elevated by lighting a candle. Whether it be meditating, manifesting, journaling, crystal work, or Reiki, lighting a candle was a supportive tool as I leaned into my practice. Now that I think about it, it makes sense. A candle in the most basic sense is to provide light, to allow us to see clear and assist our vision; while that happens literally, I've watched it happen figuratively. Lighting a candle, lit the fire to my own vision, my own intuition, my own voice. As I've progressed in my personal growth journey, I've used candles to connect each practice together - and JNRG intention candles were born.

Every JNRG candle, regardless of collection, will always be an intention candle that is crystal infused and seal with Reiki energy. But what does that mean?

What are JNRG intention candles? - Intention candles are thoughtfully handcrafted to assist you in manifesting and connecting with your desired intention. I personally pair fragrance and essential oils that invoke the experience of the intention. When you set fire to the candle, it allows you to connect with the intention and assists your vision to set your sights on your purpose. Just as the candle is expected to create light to ignite vision, the intention candle is expected to create light to ignite your internal vision. We are what we seek. The best way to use an intention candle is as a tool of visualization. The practice of visualization requires you to focus on your intent and visualize it manifesting. Our intention candles can be used as a stand alone practice, or simply as a supportive system where you can light your candle with concept of honoring the intention as an ongoing theme in your life. I do this often with our Harmony Candle in the Classic Collection; let it burn most days knowing that harmony in my life is an ongoing theme and element of all things I manifest.

How is JNRG's crystal process unique? - Many candles that incorporate crystals have them displayed right at the top of the jar or tin. While this is visually pleasing, it's a different concept than what is used at JNRG. It is by no means a judgement or slight at those candles, but our intention and use of the crystals come from a different methodology. All of our crystals are specifically chosen to align with the properties of the intention and then placed at the bottom of the jar to allow for the properties to rise. The wax is poured over the crystal to infuse all element of the candle with these properties. Every burn, every ounce of wax is charged with the intention through the crystal. Once the candle has burned through, you will have a smooth crystal that is charged with your intention. I personally use most of mine as palm stones and gentle reminder of the intention of each burn. It allows me to remain connected even after the candle has completed its burn and creates a beautiful cyclical process of healing, guidance and grounding.

What does sealed with Reiki mean? - Every single candle is sealed with he designated intention. Reiki practitioners are trained specific healing symbols with their hands for the process of Reiki healing. Depending on their level of certification, they have received an attunement as well as instruction of use of the symbols. Our candles specifically use the symbols of distance healing, the harmony symbol and the power symbol. This extra step allows for a transfer of intention and positive, healing energy to illuminate every burn should you choose to receive it. Many Reiki candle makers refer to this process as Reiki Charged. This step in the candle making process I find to be beautiful and the energetic connection we all have to one another in the JNRG healing family even from a far.

The power of the candle is such a unique experience. I find it to be the perfect metaphor to what we are all trying to achieve in life - light, clear vision and clarity. My hope is that by seeing how a candle must have fire to achieve its true potential, that we as a collective challenge ourselves to the fire to find our highest self.

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