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Seasonal Collection Has Arrived

Seasonal Collection Has Arrived

I have been working on embracing all of the seasons on my journey. As I move through this process, I was inspired creatively to bring this to life with a new collection of candles that embody that energy. The collection connects with the seasons, figuratively and literally to support your path with intention.

Autumn Harvest - This candle is poured over raw obsidian to give us the strength and guidance to shed what is no longer serving us. We set our intentions to release, while welcoming the unknown. We honor the universe knowing that we will be provided for in abundant ways, if we willingly let go in the short term of this season.

During the fall, the Earth transitions into a space of death. We watch the leaves fall from the trees in order to prepare for what is to come. We harvest what is necessary to endure the next season and we let go of what is no longer serving us. Whether you are working with this candle during the actual Autumn season, or just a period of your life where you must gather what is needed and release what is not, this candle heightens your senses, allows you to set your intentions and grounds you during the experience.

Winter Solstice - This candle is poured over raw smoky quartz to defuse fear and offer emotional balance during a season of wintering. We plant our intentions like the roots of a tree to provide stability in a period of growth. We honor the season by slowing down the pace and creating space for healing.

In the literal winter season, our surroundings can feel cold and bare. This is typically a trying time for the Earth, but also for its beings. I recently read the book “Wintering” by Katherine May, which supports this part of our journey. Wintering, she says, is a way to get through tough times by hibernating, healing, re-grouping. "Doing these deeply unfashionable things — slowing down, letting your spare time expand, getting enough sleep, resting — is a radical act now, but it is essential.” This candle supports a slower pace while supporting our spirit during a trying time. It can be used in the actual winter or in your own personal season of “wintering.”

Spring Awakening - This candle is poured over raw clear quartz to cleanse and revitalize our energy. We embrace and honor the blooming results of the intentions planted in seasons prior. With each light, we welcome the new and hold gratitude for the journey we have taken to a new season of growth.

When we see our intentions set in another season being to take shape and to blossom, a spring awakening is upon is. During the literal spring season, it shows us the first glimmers of light after a time of commitment to our intentions. This candle welcomes the visualization of the progress we have made. As the flowers begin to bloom, so does our spirit.

Summer Solstice - This candle is poured over raw fluorite to activate and energize our spirit. With each light, we welcome the bright positive energy to our journey of forward progress. We embrace the warmth and abundance of this season, with immense gratitude for the blessings the universe provides.

In the summer months, the warm of the Earth and the beauty around us is so prevalent; but we must not take it for granted. In seasons of bliss, this candle reminds us to to grateful as we stand in the sun. Even if you are not using it in the literal summer season, it invokes the spirit of light and joy we feel during that time. This candle can also be used as a proxy summer vibe in your spirit needs a bit of revitalization.

The goal of this collection is to support your journey and allow us as beings to connect with the seasons and the Earth in ways that allow us to heal and grow.

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