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Intentionally Embody Lunar Energy

Intentionally Embody Lunar Energy
The Moon's constantly-shifting cycle has a deep effect on our moods, emotions, energy levels, personal growth and intuition. I find that the lunar cycle tends to act as an amplifier for the sound quality and volume of my intuition. It comes in waves, much like sound waves - some times there's some static, but there's always something! I often get asked if I have created an “Intuition” candle and my answer is always, let’s talk about the Lunar Collection. I’ve found such a profound connect between riding the waves of intuition by lunar connection that there is just no way I could limit the intentions of “Intuition” with just one candle; hence, the Lunar Collection of four intuition candles.
The Moon is just that powerful.
The Moon teaches us (and I paraphrase) You are now moving into an unknown and new chapter of your life without any map, only having your instincts, intuition, faith and trust to guide and lead you. It shows you that now is the time to go deep within and let go of any anxieties, fears, blocks and negative beliefs that you do not want to carry into this next chapter of your life journey. You already know how, you just need to listen to yourself. When The Moon energy allows me to question what is your intuition telling you? Or even more so, why are you not listening to your intuition? The Moon and I have a strong bond, to say the least. 
This year, we've decided to launch the Lunar Intuition Collection in two batches. Once starting today (Mid-February) and another Mid-August. The timing is intentional, as all JNRG moves. These candles will be available for 2 weeks only (or as fast as they sell out) and then again in August.
If you're just getting started exploring the power of Lunar connection here is a simplified guide as to how I work with The Moon's energy and candles from the Classic Collection that pair well with these corresponding JNRG Lunar Collection. 
  • New Moon: New moons represent new beginnings, but there’s a flip side to that pentacle, which are endings. Because the New Moon ushers in a new cycle, we simultaneously close the door on an old one — so there can be an almost bittersweet quality to a New Moon's energy, forcing us to think of things we've left behind as we embark on new journey. I personally like to pair my New Moon candle with my Rebirth to balance out my intentions and commit to the process.
  • Full MoonWhile New Moons are ideal for setting goals and beginnings, Full Moons are more about bringing to life the areas that are already in progress; more like bringing them to a tipping point. The same holds true for your intuition volume. This is truly the time to drown out the noise and listen in on a cellular level. This climactic energy asks us to bring something that's already building to a high point and get our already-laid-out plans in motion. The plans will be heard by intuitive guidance, but only if we are will willing to receive it. I like to pair my Full Moons with Reveal candles to connect insight and momentum.
  • Waning Moon: Waning refers to the decreasing of the moon's light, inviting us to surrender and soften. The waning moon is a time to renew, withdraw, and rest. You may lean into this phase intuitively, or you may have to consciously carve out the time to pause if you tend to be constantly on the go. I personally pair my Waning Moon candle with Harmony for smooth sailing during this portion of the Lunar cycle. 
  • Waxing Moon: The Waxing moon is the opposite of the waning phase of the moon; it begins after the new moon and lasts until the full moon phase. The waxing moon's energy is noted as  outward, and expanding; it wants you to spring forth and finish what needs to be done in order to make your dreams a reality. It's no surprise that I pair this with my Progress Candle for forward motion and intentions of pure action. 
May the New Moon guide you to your next journey, while allowing you to release anything in your life that is no longer serving you. May you receive the messages intended for you and may your energy be lifted to the state which serves you best. Set your intentions wisely, honor your intuition and open your heart to cycle ahead.

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