Everyone Needs A Progress Candle

Everyone Needs A Progress Candle

In the current state of our world, the more intentions of progress put out to the universe the better. It doesn’t take a Shaman to come to that realization. But aside from the obviously, I believe in my bones that everyone should have a progress intention candle in their collection. You don’t need to experience massive change in order to lean into the magic of our Progress Candle.

Forward motion, even the smallest step is require to further our journey; one foot in front of the other is my definition of progress. There is this misconception that progress must be a large scale event. There is also a common misconception that progress has a destination. I could not disagree more. In the context of an intentionally spiritual experience, we know that progress is a forever kind of thing. There is no destination, it’s about forward motion: a commitment to movement. No step is too small and certainly none too large: one foot in front of another. Regardless where you are on your journey, setting your intentions for personal and collective progress is something we all must do.

“This candle is poured over raw Aventurine as we honor the path forward toward progress. With each burn we renew our confidence and strength to continue on our forged path without worry of the past or the unknown. We embrace the future with an open heart and mind.”

Green Aventurine Background

Numerical Vibration - Number 3 Chakras - Heart Chakra

Why Aventurine? Green Aventurine provides strength, confidence, courage, and happiness. It renews one’s optimism for life and pushes us to take action to acquire what we want in this world. This stone urges one to get out of their comfort zone and take on new opportunities. Green Aventurine is here to keep your emotional body calm when trying things that may be uncomfortable at first. Those nervous butterflies in your stomach will be replaced by an ever burning fire that is eager to burn.

Green Aventurine is thought to be the “luckiest” of all crystals. I prefer to stay clear of the word luck, so for JNRG purposes, we’ll say Aventurine is the crystal of manifested fortune. This beautiful stone is not merely an attractor of fortune, but it aligns conditions so opportunity is inevitable. Green Aventurine releases old patterns, habits, and disappointments so new growth can take place. It brings optimism and a zest for life and allows us to move forward with confidence and embrace change.


Progress is about forward motion, one step at a time. Whether we know it or not, it's a natural cycle and it's happening: whether we choose to participate or not is our own free will. But it's destined to happen, so why not set our own intentions to lead our footsteps intuitive in the direction that serves us best? Why leave it up to anyone else. This is why everyone needs a Progress Intention Candle!

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